African hair

22 Nov

In most African Communities, women have had a love and hate relationship with their hair, Which seams to have started at childhood.                                               I guess we are programmed not to love our kinky hair, all we saw in magazines, on Tv  were the straight, silky hair, which is nothing like African hair.
African hair has a rich history of being visible, especially when it shouldn’t ✂️bad hair day✂️ It has been proclaimed a fashion trend, some times a political stance…. It has even been seen as am “untidy” problem.                                       (All those braided or buried under a wig or some sort of hair extensions out there confirm the subject) 
Yet we ought to embrace who we are as people and that’s our hair as well, learn to love how it needs nurturing, time and patience. Letting it puff out everyday because darling, these locks are life.
Personally I have fallen in love with all my Afro stubborness( it never does what I want it to do ever)some of the tricks, (Bantu note outs) (sponge rollers)that I use for hair stylingEveryday is a look forward to styling in different ways!


sTrict bUdget iT iS

18 Oct

It’s now been a year since I last posted here but hey, this got me back on truck. 

Such a Creative idea on a strict budget. I must admit creativity at its best.



18 Aug

Had such a great time designing this simple yet elegant dress † super excited to unveil how I fabulously styled and rocked it at a book launch.
Paired with blue earrings, a blue clutch † shimmery pink heals for a glamorous look, I made it a point to early bird so as to picture the decor before the place was jam packed. Glad I blended in so well.
Enjoy the Glamour flow darlings.

Apologies for the not so clear shoots, I used my blackberry phone.

Criss Nawa Simplicity, Beauty † Elegance

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17 Jul

The thing around my neck is Africa and Beyond. I hand crafted this necklace with Ancient Spindle Whorls in the middle of each strand to give it Style, soul, and a history feel, all in a single piece of adornment.

The turban style monochromatic color and soft fabric accentuates my face shape.The bangle completes the whole look. A clever use of the turban style head wrap. Hope you like the style as much as I



Back with a Bang

9 Jul

Back with a Bang.

Back with a Bang

8 May

It’s been a mighty long time since I put up a post here, too much excitement of being back plus I will be posting updates of my Fashion Design and Creativity, pieces I have designed, handcrafted, and much much more.

Here is a collection I uniquely hand crafted (Ooops unique Is a thing I do best)

Love and Light reflecting in a single piece of adornment.

Creatively transforming my intentions into reality.



11 Dec


Embellished Clutch for Grazia Magazine……Do it your self.

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